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Critical Liver Support

Renew Life
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The liver is the largest, and one of the most vital organs in the body. Without it, we would die within 24 hours. It plays a role in many important functions; including making vital substances such as cholesterol, blood proteins, clotting proteins and lipoproteins. It is also involved in blood filtration, bile production, production and break down of hormones, regulation of blood sugar, and detoxification of endotoxins (internally produced) and exotoxins (environmental). These are just a small list of functions that the liver plays a role in. Optimal liver function is vital in order to deal with the abundance of jobs it is required to perform. If the liver is not in good health, it can become sluggish and result in congestion or poor functioning. To ensure optimal liver function it is important to work on the following 3 things: Promoting liver rejuvenation. Protecting the liver against damage with powerful anti-oxidants. Promoting proper liver function. Critical Liver Support does all 3 of these important tasks.